In Entertainment Today…JE’s Morimoto Ryutaro Suspended for Underage Smoking

I usually don’t write about the various happenings in Japanese entertainment, but I found this article (and the image above) to relate especially well to my entry on smoking early last week. And here’s what I have to say about it.

He was stupid to have posed for a picture knowing full well the potential implications such behaviour could have on his star status (reference: 陳冠希/Edison Chen, Kago Ai or Hironori Kusano).

He cannot be excused simply because he’s underage. Let’s get real: at fourteen to fifteen years of ago,  you already have a reasonable sense of judgment and can make decisions for yourself.

He was punished accordingly for breaking the law. If only the same could be said of other underage youth smoking in Japan…

Will this single event have massive implications on the future and direction of Japan’s tobacco industry? Of course not. The point of this entry is to illustrate the prevalence of smoking throughout Japanese society, and to show that smoking is a tattoo that not even the squeakiest of squeaky-clean idols are immune from.

Time to introduce new anti-smoking legislation.


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